Welcome to the Hawthorn of Aurora "self-booking" page. You may book rooms at our clubhouse and/ or reserve the pavilion for your event. This system is for use only for Hawthorn of Aurora residents. Any reservations made by non-residents of Hawthorn of Aurora will be immediately cancelled.

Please Note: The partial cleaning option has been removed and you must select full clean. 

Use of this booking software is governed by the terms and conditions for rental and reservation of Hawthorn of Aurora facilities. You can access these terms and conditions by clicking on this link, the Clubhouse/ Pavilion Agreement, Liability Waiver and other Documents. By using the website, you agree to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any part of these terms and conditions, you must not use the website.

Please note:

No reservations may be made, via this website, within a 72 hour cutoff window. Please send an email to clubhouse@hawthornofaurora.com, to inquire about reservations inside this time frame. Due to the logistics of arranging for cleaning prior to and/ or after your event, it may not be possible to accommodate your request at this late date. Thank you for your understanding.

All reservations are subject to confirmation with cleaning persons to assure there is no conflict with reservations before or after your event.


To make a reservation, please follow instructions below:

1.) Select your rental/ reservation category (Clubhouse, Pavilion, Pool)

2.) Select your dates and times to determine availability. Please read the paragraphs below carefully.

If you see the message, "Enter start/ end time for available hours", that means that there is availability for the date you have entered. However, please understand that someone may have booked the facility for part of that day, so it may not be available for the entire day, You will need to enter the specific hours to see if it is available for the timeframe that you desire. Hours that are "greyed out" are unavailable/ already booked. Hours in "green" are available for reservations, subject to confirmation with cleaning persons, as noted above.

Please make sure to select the entire time you need access to the facility. This includes any setup/ decorating time or clean up time after the event. You will only have the facility reserved for the hours that you selected, when making your reservation. Otherwise, it is considered available for other rentals and/ or cleaning from a prior event and/ or for the next event. Use of the facility outside of the hours reserved may result in increase in rental fees.

NOTE: Due to the high demand for the facilities, there is sometimes a need to have the cleaning persons come in after an evening event or very early the morning following an event. If you have a reservation that ends at 11PM and you believe that you may not be out of the building, please send an email to clubhouse@hawthornofaurora.com, so that coordination with cleaning persons can occur. Otherwise, it is possible that the cleaning crew may be planning to clean at 11PM, following your event.

3.) If the specific time/ date that you wish to book is unavailable, please select a different time/ date. You may send an email to clubhouse@hawthornofaurora.com, to ask to be put on a wait list, in case of a cancellation. Should that date become available, you will be contacted to re-book.

4.) Select a cleaning option. If you are not sure, which option to choose, click here to view Exhibit A of your contract, outlining the cleaning options. Note: Cleaning rates are subject to change, effective January 1 of each calendar year. 

5.) If you wish to use pool and/ or pavilion, select these options. NOTE: Pool reservations require you to contact the Pool Committee and arrange payment for the additional guest fee. This is required for more than ten (10) guests.

6.) You will see expected charges for your rental and cleaning choices. Note: Rental rates have been increased, effective January 1, 2019 and the new rates are in the system. If you make a booking for the remaining weeks of 2018, your reservation will be adjusted to the 2018 rates and an adjusted copy will be sent to you via email. Rental rates are subject to change, effective January 1 of each calendar year.

7.) If you are satisfied, fill in the information requested (name, address, etc.). Please make sure to define the event, number attending, etc.

8.) Click the box that you have read terms and conditions and continue.

Your reservation will show "reserved" with a invoice for the amount due. You will be invoiced this amount FOLLOWING your event. Do not pay ahead of time. No payments will be processed until after your event.

You will receive an email confirmation of your reservation with additional information within minutes of your acceptance. Please read it carefully.

If you do not receive a confirmation email within a few minutes, please check your spam folder. If the confirmation does show up in your spam folder, please correct your email to allow you to receive messages from clubhouse@hawthornofaurora.com. All communications sent from this system, are sent from this email address. This includes emails with reservation reminders, keypad code to the door and your invoice following your event. It is very important that you can receive these emails.

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